We won't just give you our opinion, we will tell you what we think.

Our lean blood is not just a product of living at altitude.

We work Off-the-Clock.

We have worked together for over 50 years.

If you wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and the pig likes it.

We help our clients make well-informed decisions with their eyes wide open.

We enhance your team with our team.

Our job is to help you do yours.

If you wash a donkey’s face, you waste your time and your soap.

Radios have volume controls for a reason; you don’t always have to go to 11 (with apologies to Nigel Tufnel)

We know the difference between a business dream and a business objective, and we think you should pursue both.

We founded Sage Law Group with one simple goal: to provide seamless, responsive and superior legal support.

We help our clients make money, raise money and keep money.

We operate our law practice as efficiently as our clients would.