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We are high-performing, seasoned business lawyers who have experienced every stage of business growth from the inside out, as executives, in-house counsel and in private practice at global law firms. We work with you as if we are a member of your team, breaking down your vision into goals and developing strategies to achieve them. Our role is to help you make wise choices by providing practical advice that works in your world. Our clients value us as legal subject matter experts, but they rely on us as trusted business advisors.

5 Continents 30+ Countries Our Work Spans the Globe: Cross-border transactions

Our former colleagues and clients taught us the lessons that inform our work every day. Working side-by-side with our business colleagues as executives and in-house counsel permanently changed our DNA as lawyers. In those roles, we developed and executed business strategies and lived with the consequences. We learned to be comfortable taking risks. We became exceptionally creative problem-solvers. We sharpen these skills every day with you by helping you achieve your stretch goals or make course corrections.

We founded Sage Law Group because we are entrepreneurs who wanted to build the law firm that we could never find when we were paying the bills.

$5K $1B Deal Sizes for Commercial Transactions:
$2B+ $7.5B Total Investments Total M&A Value